Friday, November 25, 2011

In Defense of the Front Cross Carry

Lately, I keep hearing that people are reluctant to show front cross carries in a wrap. They favour kangaroo carries. Actually, this is old news. The battle was already raging
in 2006 between the French and German babywearing communities.

I think this hurts the babywearing cause.

I have seen experienced babywearing trainers who struggle with the front kangaroo carry. How do we expect the newcomer to master such a difficut skill?

Parents often come to babywearing out of sheer desperation. They get this new bundle of joy, but find their hands full with caring for baby that they can't eat, have a cup of tea or even go to the loo. All we want is for them to carry their baby, safely.

Will they stick around until they learn the great but unfathomable mirage of the kangaroo carry? I doubt it.

The cross carry ticks all the boxes for safe and comfortable carrying of babies. I will show a front cross carry to a new parent, any day.