Sunday, November 13, 2011

Things are coming along nicely.

We received the first drafts of our new logo the other day, and they are stunning! Tracey French does fabulous work. She designed our Slinging In The Rain Logo
, so we knew we could rely on her.
Watch this space for the big reveal soon!

We also finalised our weekly slot at Glo Family and news of The Sling School will be going out to anyone subscribed to the Glo Newsletter, and be available on their site.
The Sling School
Learn how to carry your baby comfortably and safely in a sling. Our experienced babywearing consultants lead small, focused classes in the Glo studio, to enable you to find the right sling for you and your child, and become competent and confident in its use. Benefits of carrying your baby in a sling include: babies cry less, are content and develop trust and confidence. Parents are hands-free while meeting their baby’s needs. Babywearing also promotes bonding, and helps regulate heartbeat and temperature in newborns.
A choice of 90-minute classes will address different types of slings and different carrying positions, and are open to all parents and carers. Slings and specialist babywearing dolls provided. All you need to bring is you and your baby.
Classes run Tuesdays at 1-2.30pm from January 17. Cost £40 pre-booked or, subject to availability, pay-on-the-door for £45.
Classes run by Dr Souad Guemghar, Jeanette Archer and Dr Rachel Sills – all experienced mothers and babywearers who have run workshops and an award-winning babywearing community group for five years.