Saturday, March 24, 2012

All hail Le Pod!

La Pause - Son Lam
At The Sling School, we love the podaegi. We affectionately refer to it as the pod.
We think it is the Asian Baby Carrier of choice for wrappers. It lives in the car, or in the pushchair pocket. It is ideal for a quick ride on the back. What's not to like in one pair of straps and a rectangle of fabric?

One wonders if pronunciation and spelling do not intimidate people. Scholars agree that the correct spellings are Podaegi or Podegi. It is pronounced:

poh - as in pole
deh - as in dead
gee - as in  geek

Zidee Podaegi
Using the podaegi would give a high sense of satisfaction to any wrapper who has ever struggled to get a rucksack carry right.

Anyone who would like to have a go, can hire a stunning Zidee Podaegi*  from our library, yours for two weeks, for a mere fiver!

* Zidee Pods are hard to find slings, as Jeanette Archer ceased manufacturing them in 2009. There are a few in circulation, though their owners are usually highly attached to them.