Friday, June 1, 2012

What to Expect ... in a Consultation

The traditional art of babywearing is a real skill and one of the best ways to learn is with the help of experienced practitioners who will ensure you can carry your baby in a sling with confidence, competence, comfort and safety.

Although it is possible to learn to use a sling by following written instructions, video clips, or by seeking help from other babywearing parents, there is no substitute for the practical, personal focus you get in a consultation. In a consultation you can:
  •  talk through your own requirements to identify a sling that will suit your needs, and those of your baby and your family
  • see at first-hand how to use a sling correctly, and use one yourself under experienced guidance
  • learn why correct positioning is important for physical development, comfort and safety
  • have the reassurance of being able to ask questions, both at the library and at a later date, if need be
  • borrow a sling that really suits your needs. As part of a consultation at The Sling School, you can choose a sling from our extensive sling library for a free two weeks’ hire.

Join us at our next consult on 26th of June, where we will focus on using Asian-inspired Baby Carriers (Mei Tai, Podaegi and Soft Structured Carriers), on the front and on the back.  This consult is suitable for babies from 4-5 months old.

Special offer: £22.50 for our FaceBook fans; £25 for non-fans. (Normal price £30)